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Simplify care through technology

The only care management platform that has been independently proven to
improve compliance, increase revenue, and deliver better care.

Care management in the digital era

At Humanetix, we do things a little differently.

Humanetix is the only care management platform that is independently proven to help providers stay ahead of the demands of the digital era.
Regardless if you're just starting out, have multiple systems in place, or have greater needs than your legacy product, we have a tailored solution to support you.

Redefining Healthcare: How Humanetix is Changing the Game

Our market-leading solutions

Introducing our exceptional solutions designed to enhance care management delivery workflows.

Discover how our solutions can streamline and optimise your care processes, ensuring efficiency and positively impacting the lives of those you serve.

Whether you need a market-leading care application for Aged Care or considering a broader technology that helps stitch multiple applications and workflows together, we've got you covered!

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Residential Aged Care
  • Intelligent Care Delivery Application
  • AN-ACC optimisation tool
Home & Community
  • Intelligent Care Delivery Application
  • Billing and Scheduling
  • Intelligent Care Delivery Application
  • Electronic Medical Records
ACE Platform
  • Integrate your current applications
  • Build workflows and data flow
  • Build your own application

Recognised in the industry

Software Innovation
Service Transformation
ANDHealth+ ACTIVATE Program
Arthur Shih brought the team to accept the 2023 InnovationAus Awards for Excellence

Globally patented and independently verified

Our Intelligent Care Delivery Platform is globally patented, allowing providers to improve compliance and drive revenue outcomes.

Most importantly, we ensure you can deliver consistent care, each and every time.

For recipients of care

Personalised Care
Nothing is missed
Intelligent care plans

For nurses and carers

Built with carers, for carers
Save 90mins per shift on average
Make meaningful client decisions based on personalisation and insights 

For healthcare executives

Analyse and optimise your operational requirements
Greater productivity & improved job satisfaction
Responsive to changes in government regulations

For CTO's & CIO's

ISO 9001 and 27001 certified
Integration marketplace for single click integrations
Technical scalability with the Humanetix Foundry Platform

For the Australian government

Delivery of audit information & compliance checks
Automated reporting and myHealth Record data
SIRS and QI compliant and automated reporting

Data Drive Efficiency

Add client data anytime across multiple devices 
Multiple dashboard views for different needs
Automatic alerts, priority notifications, and simple interface

Ongoing Support

We understand your business to configure your tailored solution
Record customer Net Promoter Score of 73 across all customers
Support with integrations across other platforms

Business Partnerships

Flexible pricing options for
commercial use
Immediate Return on Investment proven by an independent study
Trustworthy and reliable

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"Don't just take our word"



“Finally an intelligent care platform that I’m proud to tell my friends and family about.”


“I noticed the difference in care I was receiving after the platform was implemented."

Digital thoroughbred

“I’m looking for a digital thoroughbred and that’s what Humanetix has with its ACE platform”

Easiest platform

"This is the easiest platform I've ever used and my team has so much time to better care for our clients."

Proactive care

I can finally move from being reactive to delivering insightful, proactive care

1k+ Data Points

Such a simple system to use but with over 1,000 data points on each client, I never miss a thing

Simply amazing!

"This platform has changed the way I think about delivering care for our clients.
Simply amazing!"
care manager

See trends

" I was able to see trends and receive notifications on our clients that made me intervene before it became a major issue."


"A game changer for the Aged Care industry. I believe every operator should be using this to save time and deliver better care."

Data-Driven Efficiency at Its Finest!

Our client results speak for themselves. Working with the Australian Government and the University of Canberra, we were able to deliver transformative results:
20% saving in nursing and care time or around 90 minutes per shift
Increased care delivery, with assessment completion rates increasing from 68% to 96%
Increase in client directed care, with individual client focused goal setting increasing from 56% to 88%
The study results were particularly significant considering it was completed in the context of the COVID 19 outbreak.
The findings were subsequently published in the March 2022 edition of the Wiley Journal of Clinical Nursing which you can find here

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