Still paper based?

If you’re still paper based, not collecting the right client data or struggling to find any meaningful client data across your Aged Care business, ACE is the perfect solution.
If you're at the early stages of your digital transformation journey, download our free info kit that will help you get started.

The 3-step
digital transformation

Step 1

Out with the old, in with the new

Moving from paper piles to a clinical management system is your first step to digital transformation. 

We work with you to understand your business, your staff and how you're set up to deliver client care.

Based on our learnings, we then deliver a personalised and robust plan helping you to transition from a paper based business to a clinical care platform in no time.
Step 2

Training and support

Once your current data has been transferred from paper into ACE, we then work with you to train your team in how to use our platform.

Our education and training team is composed of ex-nurses and carers, ensuring that we make the process as seamless as possible for you.

We love training carers and nurses and we're always overwhelmed with such positive feedback that we receive each and every day.

We support you to set up your client and staff profiles so that you’re ready to start seeing the benefits from day one.
Step 3

Enjoy the benefits

Now your team is up and running, we guarantee that you'll start to see the benefits immediately.

You will see time saving benefits right away and notice a change in how everyone in your team interacts with one another under a single platform.

More importantly, your clients will notice the difference of care that they will be provided through the detailed information about their individual preferences and care needs.

How can ACE help?

Take a step forward into the digital era

Guaranteed staff efficiency improvements
Our research and clients tell us that, after implementing ACE, they see the following results: 
Reduction in staff time spent on 'wasted activities' such as searching for information or documentation
Nurses spend an average 6% less time on 'hunting and gathering' activities as they are better equipped.
Care workers spend 10% less time multitasking helping to reduce cognitive load
Staff are able to reduce their distance travelled per shift by 25%. 
Device screenshot
Device screenshot

Great onboarding experience

Clear navigation = Better user onboarding process
We have co-designed our platform with aged care staff to curate a platform that is fit for purpose, is adjusted to a medical vernacular and is based in decision making frameworks. 
Locating an activity record has never been easier and our intuitive design keeps our users happy while they focus on what matters.
ACE is a highly adaptable platform to a range of aged care staff due to its clear use and navigation. 
We've got you covered
One of our core focuses is ensuring the happiness of our clients. Our team does so by going the extra mile in onboarding and training processes by consistently checking in to ensure you're satisfied with your overall platform experience.

Manage and build your data

Our simple reporting gives you the data you need
With ACE Director, you can now have your data all in one place and report on it with ease.
Filter an overview of activities recorded by activity type, day of week and time of the day, and manage the staff performance at a wing or location level
Track and monitor quality indicators and SIRS reporting
Download your data, customise your own reporting frameworks or chat to one our team about how we can set you up for success.
Device screenshot

Download your
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