Humanetix Sygnal

for Home and Community Care
Empowering home and community care providers with a robust end-to-end technology system, ensuring operational efficiency, better care outcomes and improved compliance.

Discover a seamless and end-to-end
Home & Community Care workflow experience

With the technology landscape for Home Care providers changing rapidly, providers are now reviewing their technology systems or moving from paper to digital to deliver against today’s compliance requirements and tomorrow’s reform.

Humanetix welcomes these challenges and are readily available to help providers navigate the upcoming changes with a single technology solution. We believe that scheduling, billing and claiming and care planning go hand in hand, enhancing the data you capture at the point of care to remain compliant whilst delivering better care. 

Humanetix Sygnal provides a robust workflow engine combined with operational excellence. With our enhanced technology, it is now possible for home and community care providers to improve the way that data can be captured for each client, delivering improved care outcomes, and meet all clinical, care, and compliance standards for forthcoming reforms in one easy-to-use platform.

Why Choose Humanetix Sygnal?

Holistic technology for Home and Community Care providers
  • Single sign-on
    Eliminate the hassle of signing on different platforms with our Integrated Marketplace where you can consolidate clients data and streamline the care process.
  • Seamless integrated platform
    We have cutting-edge scheduling capabilities, smooth onboarding, invoicing, and financial administration, and the capacity to be standard-compliant with comprehensive care delivery data.
  • One data entry point
    We are aware of the significance of maintaining records. Avoid data duplication, minimise errors, and save time without paperwork and easy recording at the point-of-care.
  • End-to-end quality care management
    Enable better care and quality care through our real-time insight tools designated for guided decision-making, reporting, compliance, and administrative purposes. Enhance the way you report SIRS or deep dive into our Quality Indicators dashboard.
  • Future proof with always up-to-date technology
    With SIRS being extended to the Home and Community Care market in December 2022, Quality Indicators rapidly adjusting, and the new support at-home programme launching in July 2024, we are set for an abundance of reform changes that will constantly evolve.  

What Home Care Providers Tell Us?

60% confirmed their current technology was not fit for purpose to help them navigate the next wave of reform. 

We asked over 100 Home and Community Providers about their current technology and if they believed it would help them to manage tomorrow’s reform changes. 

If you’re currently struggling to match operational efficiencies with robust end-to-end technology, ask yourself the following questions. 

1. Does your current technology meet today’s reform requirements, including SIRS and Quality Indicators? 

2. How granular can reporting be done for auditing and compliance purposes?

3. How much data do you collect on each care recipient, and why?

4. How can we automate government reporting, or when can that be achieved? 

5. How can your current technology ensure consistent care delivery in a time of workforce shortages?

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Data-Driven Efficiency at Its Finest!

Our client results speak for themselves. Working with the Australian Government and the University of Canberra, we were able to deliver transformative results:
20% saving in nursing and care time or around 90 minutes per shift
Increased care delivery, with assessment completion rates increasing from 68% to 96%
Increase in client directed care, with individual client focused goal setting increasing from 56% to 88%
The study results were particularly significant considering it was completed in the context of the COVID 19 outbreak.
The findings were subsequently published in the March 2022 edition of the Wiley Journal of Clinical Nursing which you can find here

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