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Empowering today's Aged Care workforce to provide high-quality care whilst improving compliance and driving revenue outcomes.

Next-Generation Care Management Platform
for providers of long-term care

We work with residential care provider organisations throughout Australia. We understand that as clients age, so do their needs and level of care requirements. That's why we've built a platform that allows you to scale with your residents as their needs and preferences of care change under a continuum of care.

Humanetix Residential - Intelligent Care Delivery & AN-ACC optimisation

We take the time to understand your facility and care recipients and provide different levels of training and support, so you see the benefits from day one. A product co-designed with residential carers, specifically for them.

We've worked with multiple levels of employees across different facilities - From Registered Nurses, Assistance In Nursing, Carers, Occupational Therapists, GP’s and Management teams.
  • AN-ACC optimisation and funding. Be notified in real-time on when reclassifications need to happen and when you can claim
  • Care plans are automatically populated with historic views for your next audit
  • Care and Clinical pathways are pre-built and configured to your organisational needs
  • Ensure the correct information, notifications and actions are shared across 24 different role types

Why is Humanetix Different?

Introducing the AN-ACC dashboard

Australia's first resident, data-driven dashboard to give providers the commercial edge

Gain a competitive advantage with AN-ACC

New assessments, process and funding arrangements are all set to sweep through the industry; there’s never been more change to funding arrangements for residential aged care providers.

Improve your commercial position with new residents

Our AN-ACC dashboard uses resident data in real-time to analyse, predict, and help you prepare, manage and maximise your AN-ACC funding.

Unlike other calculators that hypothesize your funding, we use actual resident data in real-time to show your case-mix funding, classifications and total revenue from AN-ACC.

Know your pending assessments, which residents need reviews based on data, and show government assessors all classification data with a click of a button.

Shorten the window for reassessments with your existing residents

Our AN-ACC dashboard 'secret sauce' is algorithm based; using a blend of your residents data in real-time, classification tools and triggers that matter with why, how and when a resident needs to be reassessed for an increase with AN-ACC funding.

You will never miss a thing as our dashboard is simple to use, either look holistically across multiple sites or drill down to specific wings or residents to understand your case mix, pending and assessments that need action today.

Better plan your funding and required care minutes

Managing your AN-ACC commercial position is just the start.

As there is a direct correlation between the funding you receive and the care minutes that are needed, you will be able to plan your resourcing model alongside your funding case-mix.

We take the hard work from providers to allow you to be better commercially and resource prepared today's and tomorrows AN-ACC requirements.

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Data-Driven Efficiency at Its Finest!

Our client results speak for themselves. Working with the Australian Government and the University of Canberra, we were able to deliver transformative results:
20% saving in nursing and care time or around 90 minutes per shift
Increased care delivery, with assessment completion rates increasing from 68% to 96%
Increase in client directed care, with individual client focused goal setting increasing from 56% to 88%
The study results were particularly significant considering it was completed in the context of the COVID 19 outbreak.
The findings were subsequently published in the March 2022 edition of the Wiley Journal of Clinical Nursing which you can find here

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