Streamline hospital operations, enhance clinical workflows,
and improve patient outcomes

Humanetix for Hospitals and EMR

We are your trusted partner for Hospitals and EMR solutions. Our cutting-edge offerings are tailored to optimise your hospital operations and enhance clinical record-keeping, all with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. Discover how our innovative solutions can streamline your workflows, making your daily operations more efficient and effective. With Humanetix, embrace the power of technology to elevate the quality of care you provide to your patients. Join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier future.

Tabular and Graphical Charts
Body Map
Vital Signs Parameters
Patient Risk Profiling
Patient Administration System Integration
S8 Medication Administration
Assessments, Observation, & Monitoring
Care Planning & Scheduling

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

With Humanetix’s next-generation Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions, transform the way you manage patient information, enhance clinical workflows, and ultimately deliver exceptional care.

Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to a seamless digital future with the Humanetix EMR. 

Hospital in the Home

Hospital in the Home (HIH)

We offer significant savings in the health system by reducing avoidable hospitalisations. Our solution works hand in hand with telemedicine solutions to provide an end to end system for detailed care planning and recording that keeps disparate clinical staff, patients and in-home carers on the same page – giving clinicians up-to-date accurate information to monitor progress and update the care regime, and giving patients and their carers clear instructions and reminders to deliver required care.

Vaccine Management

Vaccine Management

The Humanetix Foundry can extend beyond just managing the workflows of care delivery for patients. It can also be used to manage complex and highly sensitive inventory such as vaccines. The Humanetix Vaccine Management System can handle the whole lifecycle of vaccine ordering, management and distribution to multiple clinics and locations.

Facilities &
Inventory Management

Facilities and Inventory Management (FIMS)

Use the Humanetix Inventory Management capability to manage any form of inventory or facility. Look after the full lifecycle and management activities of your buildings or inventory, including forecasting and demand planning, classifications, replenishment planning, and management of supplier performance.

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