Too many systems?

If you’re a business with numerous software, technology or data systems in place and you're struggling to connect the dots around your clients, Humanetix offers a solution.
We know choosing the right platform and integration is a challenge and although we can't produce magic, we go a long way to give the right advice so you can plan a better technology roadmap for your business.

Connect the dots
between disparate systems

Step 1

Ensuring the best platform

We know that there are multiple technology solutions around. Some do certain things well, whilst others are often false promises.

We recommend a starting point of defining a clear ecosystem for your systems, identifying who is the market leader in their respective fields and working on an integration roadmap to connect a single view of your clients.
Step 2

A source of truth

Identifying which platform is your source of truth from a client perspective is the first step.

The next stage is determining which fields or data points you specifically need to better service your clients from other systems.

From there, you can map out a plan of what system is required to do which job and how they play nicely together to get what you need.
Step 3


Integrations may not be needed as there are often other ways to to get the data you need, without the heavy lifting.

Integrations come in many shapes and sizes. while we can't promise we can integrate with everything, we always take the time to investigate and come back with advice on your best path forward.

We also already have key integrations in place to make your life that little easier.

How can Humanetix help?

Sometimes you don’t need to integrate

We ask why integration matters to set a clear plan
Having multiple systems that don't talk to another can be extremely frustrating.
We often find that clients may wish to integrate a number of platforms, however there can be other simple, time effective solutions. 
We work with business analysts and IT professionals to extract Humanetix data into other reporting platforms like power B.I to give you additional data insights and reporting power.
Device screenshot
Device screenshot

If integrations are required, where should you start

Having data transparency and safety is key
We highly recommend partnering with ISO-9001 and ISO- 27001 qualified partners to ensure optimum data security.  Why risk your client data with a non-certified business to help you manage this?

We believe that client data is as valuable as gold when passed across to help you gather insights in a secure and robust way.

Humanetix is one of a select few partners in the market with a stringent set of safety measures in place so you trust you're in good hands.

Our integration framework

We don't rush to integrate without a clear plan
We currently have a set of integrations in place with medication management, scheduling and finance platforms that can be adjusted and personalised to your business model.

If you require a custom integration, you can speak with our technical experts who will discuss a plan to broaden your platform integrations centred around your clients and reporting requirements
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