Switching software?

We hear it all the time. You've chosen a care management software or similar platform and it doesn't deliver what you need.
If you need advice on what to do next and how easy it is to switch, book your free consultation with one of our Humanetix experts today.

The journey to a
better system

Step 1

Compare the market

If your system isn't delivering the efficiencies or it doesn’t have the right type of reporting or insights, it's time to look at a better alternative.

To help get you prepared, you can download our free information kit which has a quick checklist so you can compare what's available to make the best choice.
Step 2

Set new, tangible metrics

Understand what goals you want to set for your new platform.

Is it greater efficiency? Better team communication? More robust client analysis and reporting? Deeper client insights?

Once you know this, you can plot tangible outcomes and improvements for your new platform.
Step 3

Make the choice to switch

Switching isn't that complicated. Once you've decided to make the move, check your existing agreement and notice period.

Do a quick checklist of your client data and how you plan to migrate to a new platform. From here, you're all set to make the switch!

How can Humanetix help?

Choose a partner that delivers results

Your goals are our goals
Our client results speak for themselves. Here are some independently proven statistics about how we were able to deliver transformative results for our clients:
38-minute reduction in average time to locate a client activity record and client details per shift. 
20% reduction in average daily steps of staff members throughout their shift
30% increase in completion rate of data records. 
Compare these metrics and key goals with your current provider to make the most informed decision.
Device screenshot
Device screenshot

We will support you on your journey

Helping you with an easy transition plan
Many of our current clients didn’t have their expectations met with their previous platform. With Humanetix, there is no need to worry as we ensure a smooth transition for your business. 

Our migration process is simple, efficient and ensures you can make the switch with ease. 
Tenancy setup
Authentication setup
Data migration
Onboarding and training

Speak to our clients

A testimonial from a like minded organisation
We ensure we can back up our promise. You can do this by chatting with our wonderful clients and in some use cases, we would encourage you to go and see Humanetix in action across their organisation.

Discover the difference in their organisation through the implementation of our platform by seeing and interacting with these changes. If you would like to arrange a visit or conversation with one of our clients, our expert team can arrange a call or work through the logistics to ensure you are well-equipped to make the best possible choice.
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Download your free info kit