Webinar Wrap-Up: The Role of Technology in Improving Quality Indicators

Thank you to many Aged Care providers who could join us for our recent webinar on Quality Indicators. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who could join us during such a busy time for the industry.  The recent updates to Quality Indicators significantly shifted the landscape of Aged Care regarding monitoring and control. The availability of data on QIs will now directly affect service ratings that the Department and the Commission will monitor and evaluate.

What are providers thinking about with
upcoming changes to QIs?

It's no secret that providers have been looking forward to the new QIs and the changes they bring. But it may come as a surprise that only 30% of providers are aware of what these changes will be and are making plans to adjust their processes accordingly. In comparison, 40% of providers are concerned and starting to think about business processes and technology. Meanwhile, the remaining 30% of providers are very concerned that they're reevaluating many technology and techniques today.

Is it time for a technological shift?

Here are some helpful questions to ask when choosing the technology to improve Quality Indicators:

1. How is your vendor looking at the future of QIs and adjusting their product for you?

2. What relationship does the technology have, if any, with the government on making reporting easier for QIs or SIRS reporting

3. How can the technology integrate with our systems to analyse QIs performance better?

4. Will your technology pull and push data into other reporting, such as power B.I. to better interpret data sets?

5. What reporting is available today and in the future for quality indicators?

The Changing Dynamics of Quality Indicators

The foremost expert on Aged Care process design and analysis, Mark Sheldon-Stemm spoke about how QIs have changed in recent years and what this means for the industry.

He pointed out that the current trend is towards a more holistic approach to quality management, which is reflected in the development of SIRS reports. He also discussed how technology could help to facilitate this kind of reporting by providing an additional layer of insight into all aspects of care. 

The landscape has shifted as the QIs are now the new form of monitoring and control. This means that collecting and reporting QIs affects all aspects, including service ratings that the Department and the Commission will evaluate. With this, technology plays a vital role as more QIs must be collected and balance the time taken to collect and analyse these data. Preparing to collect and report the QIs should start now rather than wait until next year. 

The Role of Technology for Aged Care Providers

Enable better quality care – The emphasis is on collecting the data at the point of care, so QIs give information that is reported and acted on

A better understanding of how QIs will affect a service – Besides collecting and reporting the QIs, the real work commences on how these are used to improve care and services. 

Interoperability and infrastructure - Systems need to be able to alert when QIs fall outside of a range so actions are taken before reporting.

Informed decision-making – Having systems in place that support the collection of data that allows for informed decision-making is paramount.

An intelligent care delivery platform like no other

Humanetix is the only Australian care platform that has been independently proven to save time, improve government reporting efficiencies, and, most importantly, deliver better care outcomes for Aged Care customers.  

Technology is changing the way care is delivered to people, and it's also changing the way that care providers can report on their services. That's why Humanetix is proud to present our new Quality Indicator Dashboard, which will be available for all our valued customers in 2023. We've worked with our customers and the Australian government to keep ahead of the curve regarding quality indicators. With Quality Indicators set to evolve continually, we're building a specific dashboard view for our customers to manage better, interpret and report on Quality Indicators.