Humanetix Wins Kurrajong Account to Drive Digital Transformation
After a competitive process, Kurrajong is excited to select Humanetix’s ACE Platform as their new clinical care management platform. This decision will help Kurrajong Nursing Home transition from using paper-based records to transforming into a modern new clinical care platform.

ACE will allow Kurrajong Nursing Home to provide better outcomes for their residents by leveraging the intelligent care planning capability of the platform and better documenting the care delivered. It also helps remove the administrative overhead of the carers and nurses. It is just the start of the journey, and the initial feedback and results look positive.
We congratulate Kurrajong Nursing Home for undergoing a successful paper to digital transformation for their clinical system. The deployment of the ACE Platform has already yielded a base level of business process improvements, including a reduction in the time it takes to find information, complete government reporting requirements, and a general reduction in overall time spent on administration tasks. Humanetix and Kurrajong believe a base level of 20% time-saving will be achieved using Humanetix ACE. Transforming paper-based organisations to digital solutions can be a simple transition with the proper framework and support structure.
CEO Arthur Shih shared, “We are ecstatic to partner with Kurrajong. We spoke with over 200 providers in Australia, and surprisingly, 30% of the market still uses paper in some shape or form to store information on each recipient of care. In a market where everyone is looking for efficiency, we feel we are best placed to help providers make this positive change. We want to continue to help the sector find the efficiencies they need off the back of employment shortages and continuous reform changes”.'
Speaking with Director of Nursing Terese Gatt, she encourages other paper-based organisations to leap with digital to drive overall efficiencies that can be reinvested back into quality care.
“We were initially concerned about the change management process, transitioning our facility from predominantly paper to an intelligent care delivery product. After meeting the Humanetix team, we were overwhelmed with the level of detail they provided and had no concern about them helping us with this change. Having the team onsite for training and additional support has been a fantastic experience for us. Their platform is very sophisticated, and has many care pathways, and the transition has been effortless. We encourage more paper-based organisations to speak to them to understand how easy it can be."