Humanetix and Medi-Map join forces for a single solution to improve care delivery outcomes

Humanetix, a leading provider of technologies for the healthcare industry, is proud to announce a new partnership with Medi-Map, the leading provider of medication management in Australia and NZ. This partnership will enable Humanetix and Medi-Map to integrate their systems, providing a seamless solution that can enhance care delivery.

Humanetix and Medi-Map Partner to Provide Single Solution

Today, Humanetix and Medi-Map announced a new partnership that will significantly impact the healthcare industry. Through this partnership, Humanetix and Medi-Map can share data across their systems in real-time, opening up the possibilities of creating a secure single source of truth for medication management and care delivery. The single solution will provide an innovative answer to access control and patient information management—two critical issues in the healthcare sector today.

Customer benefits include—but are not limited to—the following:

- Schedule care delivery and medication management in one solution
- Care information about medication and history is available at the point of care, changing the way carers think about delivering care
- Streamlined information and no need for double documentation across multiple systems
- Scheduled medication management and visibility for multiple role types
- Reduce risks and minimise data duplication
- Address upcoming quality indicators and manage trends in holistic dashboard views

Learn more about Medi-Map

Visit Medi-Map's website to learn more about their platform.
A 100% paperless system focused on best practices, Medi-Map provides improved accuracy, transparency, and streamlining of the medication management process. If you're interested in seeing how Medi-Map works on ACE, please speak with one of our customer consultants and register your interest today!