Navigating the New Aged Care Quality
Standards with Humanetix ACE

In July 2019, the Australian Government introduced a new set of Aged Care Quality Standards to transform how healthcare and aged care providers deliver services to older Australians. These standards set a higher benchmark for quality, safety, and consumer-focused care. As a healthcare and aged care provider, understanding and implementing these standards is crucial to ensuring your residents receive the best care possible.

A closer look at the standards

The new Aged Care Quality Standards tackle several crucial aspects of healthcare and aged care, including:

1. Consumer Dignity and Choice
2. Ongoing Assessment and Planning
3. Personal Care and Clinical Care
4. Services and Supports for Daily Living
5. Organisation's service environment
6. Feedback and complaints
7. Human resources
8. Organisational governance  

Why it matters?

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that aged care providers meet these standards. Compliance will be monitored through audits and assessments conducted by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Sanctions, including financial penalties, may be imposed for non-compliance, affecting your organisation's operations and reputation.  
Humanetix: Your Partner in Compliance
At Humanetix, our mission is simple yet powerful – to simplify the way care is delivered and ensure that compliance is upheld in various industries. We offer a comprehensive software solution designed to help you achieve and maintain compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Offering comprehensive tools for documentation, care planning, and incident management, our platform enables care teams to capture and track essential data, ensuring compliance with the new standards while enhancing transparency, accountability, and recipient-centric care. Our system streamlines processes, ensures proper documentation, and simplifies reporting, reducing the risk of non-compliance and sanctions.  
How Humanetix ACE Can Help
Humanetix ACE, an intelligent care delivery platform, is designed to empower aged care providers to navigate these changes seamlessly.  

Standard 1: Consumer Dignity and Choice  The first standard, Consumer Dignity and Choice, emphasises respecting residents' dignity, choices, and privacy. Humanetix ACE empowers providers to meet this standard by offering: Personalised Care Plans: Humanetix ACE allows the creation of personalised care plans tailored to individual residents. This not only respects their preferences and choices but also ensures that care is delivered in a way that aligns with their unique needs. Real-Time Updates: With real-time updates and communication features, care providers can stay connected with residents and their families, ensuring that any changes in care plans or preferences are promptly addressed. Culturally Sensitive Care: The platform supports culturally sensitive care processes, recognising the importance of respecting diverse backgrounds and cultural norms in the delivery of care. Privacy Protection: Humanetix ACE ensures privacy through permission-based access, safeguarding personal information and sensitive data confidentiality.  

Standard 2: Ongoing Assessment & Planning with Consumers  The second standard, Ongoing Assessment & Planning with Consumers, emphasises the need for continuous assessment and collaboration with residents in care planning. Humanetix ACE supports this standard by: Capturing Comprehensive Data: The platform allows the capture of over 160 data points in care plans, providing a comprehensive view of a resident's health and well-being. This data supports informed decision-making and personalised care. Risk Management Assessments: Humanetix ACE facilitates risk management assessments, helping providers identify and mitigate potential risks to residents' health and safety. Role-Based Access: The platform enables easy sharing of care plans through role-based access, ensuring that relevant stakeholders can collaborate in the ongoing assessment and planning process.  

Standard 3: Personal care and clinical care  The third standard, Personal Care and Clinical Care, focuses on providing high-quality clinical care while addressing changing care needs. Humanetix ACE assists providers in meeting this standard by: Tailored Care Plans: The platform offers tailored care plans based on best practices, ensuring that residents receive appropriate and effective care. Managing High-Impact Risks: Humanetix ACE helps care teams manage high-impact risks, enhancing the safety and well-being of residents. End-of-Life Care: The platform recognises the importance of end-of-life care, offering tools and resources to support residents and their families during this challenging time. Monitoring Changes: Humanetix ACE enables care providers to recognise and respond to changes in a care recipient's condition, ensuring that care remains aligned with evolving needs.  

Standard 4: Services and supports for daily living  The fourth standard, Services and Supports for Daily Living, underscores the importance of promoting independence, well-being, and quality of life. Humanetix ACE contributes to this standard by: Promoting Independence: The platform encourages independence among care recipients, supporting activities of daily living that empower residents to maintain their self-sufficiency. Community Participation: Humanetix ACE assists care recipients in community participation, helping them stay engaged and connected with their communities. Social Relationships: The platform supports maintaining social relationships, recognising the crucial role of social connections in overall well-being. Pursuing Personal Interests: Humanetix ACE encourages residents to pursue personal interests and hobbies, enhancing their quality of life.  
Be future ready with Humanetix ACE
ACE is designed from the ground up to be the most flexible platform on the market, and with our unique patented technology we are able to respond to new regulatory requirements as soon as the government announces them. In fact, we are so confident in our ability, that we can generally guarantee that every customer will be immediately compliant with any regulatory requirement the government will roll out over the next 36 months.  For more information on how Humanetix can assist your organisation with compliance and empower you to meet these standards effectively, visit our website or contact us today for a free strategy call:

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